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We believe, through years of experience and professionalism, that it is essential to our school’s climate that we set a standard of expectation and decorum.


Students shall be expected to comply with Holy Nativity Episcopal School’s uniform policy.  Monday through Thursday, uniforms are required.  Fridays are “free-choice” as long as the attire is in compliance with school dress code. See these easy Quick Reference Guides or scroll down for our complete policy.


 /uploads/girls uniforms.pdf

/uploads/BOYS uniforms.pdf 



Uniforms may be purchased from the following approved vendors:   


Who Dey Prints and Embroidery

Lands’ End preferred school # 900107483

Inka’s S’coolwear

GNS Embroidery and Screen Printing





              All Grades:


=  Dresses and jumpers are required to be no shorter than five inches above the knee while        standing.

= HNES embroidered logo is required on all dresses and jumpers.

=  Solid or striped navy, red, evergreen, or white shirts may be worn under HNES logo shirts on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday. Stripes should be uniform colors.

=   Any outerwear that is not in the uniform colors (navy, red, evergreen, or white) must be removed when inside the building.  All uniform colored pull-over outerwear must be purchased through approved vendors with the embroidered school logo.



             Field Trips


=       Red HNES polo or T-shirt required.


            Bottoms for Jr. Pre-K through 8th grade: 


Bottoms are defined as:  Pants/slacks, shorts, skirts or skorts; however, bottoms do not include leggings, yoga pants, or jeggings worn alone.


=   Leggings, yoga pants or jeggings can be worn in combination with shorts or with another of the bottoms as defined in this policy and be in uniform colors on Monday through Thursday.   Bottoms designed to look like jeans, even if not denim, are “free Friday” attire.

=   Khaki and navy blue purchased from any merchant.

=   HNES plaid only available from Inka’s S’coolwear.

=   Shorts, skirts, skorts, dresses, and jumpers are required to be no shorter than five inches above the knee while standing.

=   Bottoms must be hemmed and cannot have designs on pant legs, torn edges or holes.

=   Short or long navy athletic pants are considered in uniform (except Wednesday) as long as they are plain or have a white or red stripe down the leg.


  Shoes/tights/knee socks & socks


=   All Jr. Pre-K through 5th grade children should wear suitable shoes (with a back strap) that are safe for P.E. and playground activities.

=   All tights, knee socks, and socks should be navy, red, white, or evergreen.  If any of the previously mentioned items have stripes on them, the stripes must also be in uniform colors.

=    Flip-flops may only be worn by students in Middle School.


            Additional Information


=    All hair accessories, including hats, must be in uniform colors.

=     Boy Scout and Girl Scout uniforms may be worn on the day they meet.

=     Some special event t shirts may be worn on uniform shirt days.  A list of “Support Our Sponsors”    event t-shirt that may be worn will be published on our website.  

=     Students who have an elective that involves physical activities, may dress –out, if the elective is  7th period and remain in their athletic/sports gear until dismissal.


            Dress code for free-choice Friday, Jr. Pre-K through 8th grade


=    Students may wear jeans and any shirt of their choosing on Friday.

=    Students may wear leggings, yoga pants and jeggings in combination with shorts, a tunic, long  shirt or sweater.

=    Jeans must not have holes or torn edges.

=    Shirts must not expose the stomach

=     All tank tops must have a strap measuring 3 fingers in width.


Approved Vendors contact information:


=       Who Dey:  located at 4718 Hwy 22 near Transmitter Rd; Phone: 747-4777

=       GNS Embroidery and Screen Printing located at 12131 PCB Pkwy; Phone:775-1147

=       Lands’ End (, preferred school # 900107483)

=       Inka’s S’coolwear ( (for HNES plaid & gingham angel dresses)


The above LOCAL vendors are not allowed to embroider the HNES logo on any items purchased elsewhere.














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